Trump Was Right, Protesters Prove “Mexico Not Sending Their Best”

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, one of the first things to come out of his mouth was a declaration that Mexico is not sending us their best. He included rapists and other criminals, as he rightly should. He reminded people that being a foreigner in the country without permission from the government is a crime as well; a fact that the current regime likes to ignore.

But what seemed at the time to have possibly been an overly broad attempt to define the illegal invaders inside our nation is now proving to have been spot on. The problem that Americans are seeing and responding to is not one only of criminal acts being committed; it’s also the fact that being an American used to mean something. It meant that you were better than the common third world rabble. It was something worth being proud of. That overall superior quality of individual is being degraded by the invading low grade human rubbish.  That’s not something we are willing to accept as just or inevitable.

There are quality individuals of all races and in all nations. The problem is that control of the selection process has been lost. Rather than entry being granted to those who respect the process, the rule of law and teach it to their children, it has gone to those who place their priority on evading the law and raising a generation of hoodlums.

Americans in the United States see and sense the degradation in our culture. The trash is piling up around us and we’re reaching the point to where it has become impossible to ignore it. We can’t just walk or drive around it. We’re getting garbage on us, tracking it wherever we go. Our country is being contaminated.

Those who wanted to attend the recent Trump events in California were blocked. The trash was piled up in the roads and around the venues, chanting their common profanity, destroying property and assaulting those good Americans who are attempting to exercise their constitutional rights.

That contamination is evident in a lot of things that are considered to be acceptable these days which common decency and self-respect previously kept out of the mainstream. We’ve all seen it and much of it is due to the influence of third world cultures that are growing at a faster rate than the Americans and aren’t assimilating. Much of it is from Mexico and Latin America but language and cultural degradation is everywhere. The third world rabble doesn’t behave like Americans used to and still try to do. They have the same biology but lack the civility. They continue to be a third world peasant class that has simply relocated to the declining first world, dragging us down to their level.

The points that Donald Trump made are echoed in the realization of many Americans. The vile demonstrations against Mr. Trump by squatting Mexican and Central Americans were encourage and inevitable, given the criminal empowerment by the Democrats and their complicit Republican establishment sellouts. They no longer fear being deported and have been convinced that they have some perverse right to be here. Neither are they concerned about being arrested for their crimes. They have a third world thought process which includes incarceration as just being part of life.

Of course there are Marxist connections as there are in all of the anti-Trump demonstrations. George Soros wants to sow unrest and destroy this nation. His decision to utilize the America and white-hating mongrel hordes only serves to illustrate that he has made the same recognition. Border trash makes for a ready mob of America hating racists.

Donald Trump is proving to have been right once again and his words were exactly the correct ones to describe our situation. Mexico isn’t sending their best. Neither is Central America. Many of them are not good people and they are not worthy to be considered as Americans. We, the American people are the class of the world and it is us who have every right to decide who comes into our nation and who cannot. Those decisions need to be made by the American people, not a criminal government or hordes of lowlife lawbreakers. We have the right to be selective, as we have been in the past, about who comes into America and who is allowed to influence and take part in our future.

The trash has been allowed to pile up. It’s time to dump the trash.

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