Donald Trump said he would not rule out an effort to remove Paul Ryan as chairman of the Republican National Convention if he did not endorse Mr. Trump’s candidacy.

In an interview on ‘Meet The Press’, Trump said there could be consequences in the event that Mr. Ryan continued withholding his support.

“I will give you a very solid answer, if that happens, about one minute after that happens, O.K.?” Mr. Trump said. “There’s no reason to give it right now, but I’ll be very quick with the answer.”

Trump has been kind with his words when speaking about Paul Ryan in the past, but on “Meet the Press,” Mr. Trump showed no hesitation to go after Ryan if the Wisconsin native does not support Trump’s candidacy. Of Mr. Ryan, he said: “I’d like to have his support. But if he doesn’t want to support me, that’s fine, and we have to go about it.”

Trump took the TV spot to roast other big names who are part of the NEVER TRUMP movement. Of Jeb Bush, he said, was “not honorable” for breaking his promise to endorse the party’s nominee. Mitt Romney, he said, was “ungrateful” for the help Mr. Trump gave him in the 2012 election. Mr. Trump referred to Lindsey Graham as a lightweight.

Asked about Mr. Trump’s remarks on the convention, Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Mr. Ryan, replied, “The speaker looks forward to meeting with Mr. Trump on Thursday.”

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