Trump’s Epic Nickname For Hillary Clinton Has Conservatives Everywhere CHEERING

Trump is winning, winning, winning. While he’s doing it, he’s giving odd monikers to his rivals. We’ve seen Lyin’ Ted and Little Marco, and we all know what has happened to their presidential gambits. Now, we’ve got one that may be the most “on the money” yet:

Crooked Hillary.

After becoming the presumptive republican nominee for president in the fall, Trump has the luxury of setting his sights on the future that Hillary Clinton just doesn’t: She can’t manage to stamp out Sen. Bernie Sanders or his die-hard support.

As Trump gets to go shopping for VP picks, Clinton has to field attacks from both the left and the right, and what seems to be an incipient deposition in regard to the classified emails that will plague her for the rest of her political career, long or short as it may be.

Regardless, she is still the front-runner for the Democrat Party, needing a paltry 178 more delegates to lock down the nomination, assuming she can avoid jail and losing her grip on the establishment “superdelegates.”

As far as conservatives are concerned, this is great; should Clinton lock down the nomination, Trump will practically waltz into the White House, and he knows it.

That being said, it’s hardly likely that Bernie Sanders, a professed socialist, would fair any better. Donald. Trump ripped through the GOP establishment — why not the Democrats, as well?

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