Trump’s Looming New York, Pennsylvania, & California, Delegate Tsunami

Not only is Donald Trump winning in some of the largest delegate prize states in the nation, he’s winning big.


First up is the New York primary on April 19th with 95 total delegates up for grabs.

Trump leads in New York by nearly 45 points according to the Real Clear Politics polling average. This more than substantial lead in the GOP primary is also sounding alarms within Democrat circles. It appears that for the first time in a generation, (if Trump is the Republican nominee) Democrats will actually have to spend campaign dollars defending New York in the General Election. Mr. Trump is apparently pulling a lot of blue-collar New York voters to his campaign – a remnant of what was known as “Reagan Democrats.”

Next is the primary in Pennsylvania on April 26th, also a critical General Election battleground state that offers up 71 total delegates. Mr. Trump currently leads Pennsylvania by an impressive 22-point margin, and like New York, much of that support is blue collar Republicans and Democrats who appear increasingly willing to vote for Trump.

Then comes the mega-delegate rich state of California on June 7th. Statistically, Trump might very well have the majority delegate count locked up some time in May, but should his current support figures hold, California appears ready to push him over the top if need be with its 172 total delegates. Mr. Trump currently has an 11-point lead in that state.

The above lays out the very scenario the Republican Establishment is currently so concerned about and is going so far as push for a change of the convention rules in an attempt to divert delegates away from Trump to ensure a brokered convention, a move Mr. Trump rightfully warned would upset a whole lot of Republican primary voters.

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