Trump’s odds on Tuesday are AMAZING almost perfect

With a big primary day coming up in the Rust Belt, Trump’s odds are almost perfect for a sweep. reports: Trump enjoys strong odds in all of Tuesday’s primaries. As with his strong performance in New York, the question on Tuesday, at least according to the Political Prediction Market, is not whether Trump will win, but by how large a margin. Four of the five contests are winner-take-most, so the larger the win for Trump, the more delegates he can claim in his quest for 1,237.

Trump continues to poll well in the Rust Belt states. Recent polls suggest he has a nearly 20 percentage point lead in Pennsylvania. That lead translates into 97% odds to win the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, according to the Political Prediction Market. Those are his lowest odds of the five primaries. Trump’s odds across the other April 26 contests:

* 99% in Maryland
* 98% in Rhode Island
* 99% in Connecticut
* 99% in Delaware

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