Trump’s OMINOUS 4-Word Warning to Hillary is Getting 87,000 “Likes” and Counting

As much as I may respect FBI Director James Comey, let’s face the obvious facts: His Tuesday recommendation that Hillary Clinton not be charged with crimes she committed via her personal email server scandal didn’t go down so well. However, while most of America may have been discouraged, presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump wasn’t. In a Facebook message Wednesday, he promised that problems weren’t over for Hillary Clinton.

Needless to say, Trump’s ceterum censeo managed to get quite a bit of support on Facebook, to the tune of close to 90,000 “likes” in less than 24 hours … and that number continued to rise.

Hillary has yet to accomplish anything in public office,” user Edward Leal wrote in response. “That’s why she isn’t running on her accomplishments (she has none) but instead on the fact that she’s a woman. A lying, conniving, deceitful, vindictive and given to extreme emotional outbursts woman.”

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