Twitter Just Unleashed on Bill Clinton

The Clinton campaign may have just brought their good relationship with black voters to a swift end with Bill Clinton’s outburst in Philadelphia today.

Twitter is reacting strongly to the viral video of the former president defending his 1994 crime bill to Black Lives Matter protesters after they interrupted his rally earlier this evening. Clinton immediately found himself in hot water on social media in the wake of accusing the protesters of defending drug dealers and murderers.

As of 9:20 Eastern time, “Bill Clinton” was a top national Twitter trend with over 106,000 tweets participating in the conversation. A vast majority of tweets were critical of Clinton’s record and past insensitive remarks about African Americans. Twitter user @StopBeingFamous brought up Clinton’s racist statement about then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008, when he said, “A few years ago, this guy would’ve been carrying our bags.”

Others tweeted comparisons to the former president and Republican front-runner Donald Trump. As evidence, @KeeganNYC quoted one Trump supporter who openly agreed with Bill Clinton on his harsh words for Black Lives Matter protesters, complaining about having to put up with “pc bullshit.” Clinton’s admonishing of the black protesters was also popular with right-wing commentator Mark Dice, who applauded the 1994 crime bill saying it “put many of their thug friends where they belong.”

Chicago activist Mariame Kaba, who tweets under @Prisonculture, tweeted that Bill Clinton revealed his true identity on the campaign trail today, prompting a necessary conversation about the lasting effects of his controversial crime bill that implemented harsh sentences and allocated money for more prisons. Twitter user @Son_0f_A_Man accused Clinton of profiting from his crime bill as the growth of private prisons exploded. As Huffington Post reported, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio accepted nearly the same amount of campaign cash from private prison lobbyists:

The video couldn’t have come at a worse time for Hillary Clinton, who is fighting desperately to win in New York and Pennsylvania to fortify her delegate lead over Bernie Sanders. New York votes on April 19, and Pennsylvania votes on April 26, along with Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

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