Ugh Oh, Look What The Congressional Black Caucus Is Trying To Do

The Congressional Black Caucus wants Democrats to cause disruptions on the House floor next week Fox News learned from a CBC memo.

Congressional Black Caucus memo obtained by Fox urges Dems “To be as disruptive to Speaker Ryan as possible” next week on guns.

House Speaker Paul Ryan already announced Thursday the lower chamber would vote on gun control provisions that would block suspected terrorists form purchasing firearms. The announcement came one week after House Democrats staged a sit-in on the floor.

One of the measures includes a bill based on gun legislation pushed by Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, that failed to pass in the upper chamber. Criticized by Democrats, Cornyn’s bill would mandate the Justice Department to prove “probable cause” that a person is engaged in terrorism prior to banning that person from buying a firearm. Law enforcement would have 72 hours to attempt to halt the gun purchase.

Democrats simply want anyone on the no fly list to be barred from buying a firearm, but Republicans say that goes too far citing errors made by government agencies that have kept law-abiding citizens, like the late Ted Kennedy, from traveling by air without immediate recourse.

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