UH OH: Clinton Campaign Caught Hiding Something About Hillary That Could End Her… Dems Panic

A recently release email from WikiLeaks strongly suggests that the Clinton campaign is hiding details about the Democratic Presidential Nominee’s health.

In a March 14, 2015 email, Campaign Manager Robby Mook asks Campaign Chairman John Podesta if he’d talked with Hillary about the “hyper sensitive” issues of her “taxes and health” and suggested they deal with said issues early in the campaign.

“Have you talked with her at all about taxes and health?” Mook asks Podesta. “I’m [sic] know both are hyper sensitive but I wonder if both are better dealt with very early so we control them–rather than responding to calls for transparency.”

The question to Podesta appears in a chain in which Clinton staffers Tony Carrk and Nick Merrill express concern that the press is on a “transparency kick”, and would likely be prying into Clinton’s financial issues, including her paid speeches and her tax returns.

Exit Question: Why would Hillary’s health be a “hyper sensitive” issue to be kept from the prying eyes the press unless she were hiding something?

Here’s the full email:


H/T: Sean Hannity

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