UH-OH! Hillary’s Doctor EXPOSED by Other Physicians as a FRAUD

Now that the “conspiracy theory” of Hillary Clinton’s ill-health has been exposed as accurate, we need to question all aspects of her medical reality including the competency of her “physician.”

Hillary Clinton’s personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, released a statement this week regarding Clinton’s health saying she suffered from “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.” However, Dr. Milton Wolf, a board-certified diagnostic radiologist, took immediate issue with Bardack’s statement, SubjectPolitics.com reports. “There’s no such thing as ‘non-contagious bacterial pneumonia…That’s pure fiction,” Wolf said in a tweet.

This revelation that Dr. Bardack invented a disease to explain Hillary Clinton’s health emergency episode calls into question Bardack’s capabilities as a physician, but Wolf wasn’t finished exposing the curious hypocrisies in Bardack’s statements.

Dr. Wolf took apart the invented disease using common sense to prove Bardack was being disingenuous in her explanation to the American people about the condition of Clinton’s health and especially the September 11, 2016 medical emergency episode.

“Think about it,” Wolf tweeted. “If there’s really such thing as ‘non-contagious bacterial pneumonia,’ how did Hillary catch it?”

The medical definition for “contagious” reads: “(of a disease) spread from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact.” This brings into question the photo-op Hillary Clinton grabbed later in the afternoon on September 11, 2016 when she called a young child over for a picture.

Wolf also called out the politics of the Clinton team’s rhetoric and how they displayed a blatant hypocrisy in just a singular statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s health. “Hillary’s camp just announced that ‪Hillary’s health requires a personal physician travel with her…but she’s in ‘excellent’ condition,” he tweeted.

Why would a person in “excellent health” “require” a personal physician to travel with him or her? This presents as just one more inconsistency needing to be explained.

Of the event on September 11, 2016, Wolf points out that video of the episode exhibits lost balance, rigidity, and spasticity, resulting in a syncopal episode. Dehydration caused by pneumonia (in and of itself a hypocritical reality) causes lethargy and flaccid muscle actions, not rigidity and spasticity. “This was a neurological event,” Wolf concluded.

All of this calls into question Dr. Lisa Bardack. Is she completely misdiagnosing Hillary Clinton? Or is she politically diagnosing the Democrat candidate for president of the United States?

The now unemployed Dr. Drew, who dared to declare that Hillary Clinton needed to undergo a complete and independent neurological exam, called into question the “antiquated treatment” of Clinton by Bardack.

Understanding the Clintons as I do, I am inclined to believe that Hillary Clinton has in her employ a “political doctor” passing as a “medical doctor.”

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