Unbelievable: Cruz says California will choose the Republican nominee

Ted Cruz seems to have written off all the states between now and June 7th, and has put all his eggs in the California basket.

losangeles.cbslocal.com reports: “I’m going to say a sentence that has not been said in 50 years: California is going to decide the Republican nomination for president,” Cruz said, drawing a roar from the crowd.

“It is the men and women here, it is your friends, your family. I’m here today asking for every one of your help — that you not only stand with us but you pick up the phone and you call your friends, you call your family, you call your neighbors and say this election matters, it matters to me, it matters to my kids, it matters to my grandkids.”

Cruz hailed what he called “landslide” wins for his campaign in Wisconsin and Colorado, indicative of what said was a realization that businessman Donald Trump cannot carry the Republican Party to victory in November.

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