Unless he steals more delegates, this is Ted Cruz’s final day

Cruz Crew, your vote for Ted is about as meaningful as a vote for that other establishment hack, Kasich. Unless he does some serious delegate maneuvering and steals it from Donald Trump, after April 26, it will be mathematically impossible for Cruz to win that magical 1,237 needed for nomination. Currently, there’s only 930 still available.


Judi Ziegelmann said: Go Trump we sure don’t want another liar in the White House, which Obama will be telling Cruz to keep doing what he has done the last 7 yrs destroying America.

Jacque Danley McGuire Switzer said: The only way lying Cruz can win is to still votes and be corrupt, he wouldn’t change our country from what Obama has already done to it… Do people honestly want more of this self destruction , Cruz is BAD NEWS! TRUMP ! 2016

Linda Scott said: Hey great Americans in Wisconsin we are counting on you tomorrow. Please get out to vote for Mr Trump. Let’s begin bringing our country back to the greatness that our children and grandchildren deserve. Out with corrupt, lying politicians and in with a true American Patriot. God Bless.

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