Unreal: LOOK What ELSE Obama Wants Banned After Orlando Attack

In the week following the Orlando shooting, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump sharply criticized President Obama for being unable to use the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” Obama, visibly agitated, said “calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away…There’s no magic to the phrase of radical Islam. It’s a political talking point.”

Now it seems the Department of Homeland Security wants to ban additional words that are normally associated with Islam.

In a proposal submitted this month by the Countering Violent Extremism Subcommittee, they recommended not using words like “jihad” or “sharia law.” The subcommittee concluded that these terms created an “us vs. them” mentality.

The Department of Homeland Security was also asked to use words that are more inclusive to the Muslim community. Words such as “American Muslim” rather than “Muslim American.”

This is all part of an attempt to combat extremism here in the United States. The department says this operation, which will cost $100 million, will involve hiring experts and developing new social media programs and technology to influence young people not to join terror groups.

“The department must reframe the conversation to reflect this reality and design a robust program around the protection of our youth, which must include predator awareness and an understanding of radicalization. In doing so, our citizens will be better equipped for this threat,” the report says.

The report also urges greater private sector cooperation, including with Muslim communities, to counter what is described as a “new generation of threats to the Homeland related to the threat of violent extremism.”

h/t: Washington Examiner

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