UNREAL: Watch What Happens the MOMENT Guest Mentions Wikileaks on CNN

CNN just did it again… There is little doubt the “news” agency is firmly in the pockets of Hillary Clinton.

During an interview with host Chris Cuomo, Republican Congressman Chris Collins had barely mentioned Wikileaks when the feed was cut. Here is the actual interview…

I am not sure what was more blatant, the feed or Cuomo’s ridiculous reaction to it.

When the rainbow screen came up, he stated with fake disdain, “Oh no… Obviously we just lost the satellite feed. That sucks!”

To make the argument “fair,” Cuomo then took up the pro Trump side to keep the argument going with Congressman Hakeem Jeffries.

And by the way, he did not exactly pick up where Collins had left off!

The immediate response by conservatives was what we would expect, accusing CNN and Cuomo of purposely cutting the feed to keep Wikileaks out of the story.

Remember when the networks cut the feed when Trump was receiving gifts from a Black pastor? Same deal there. Anything good for Trump, let’s get it off the air right away.

Honestly, I have no idea why anyone on the right would ever go on CNN again. It is like walking into the enemy’s backyard and being surprised when they pull out a gun and shoot you in the heart!

The mainstream media wonders why We the People are no longer interested in what they have to say. They question why Donald Trump keeps saying the system is rigged… and then they do something like this!

Need further proof? Why was every debate moderated by liberals? I had hoped tonight would be different, but Wallace is up there to rake Trump over the coals while Hillary gets another free ride.

Trump needs to do the same thing he did last time and call the moderator out at every chance when the scales start to get tipped. More importantly, he needs to call out Hillary the moment she starts lying again.

Tonight will not be easy for Trump, but if he does what he did last time, he will once again come out on top!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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