UPDATE: Girl Egged And Assaulted By Trump Protesters To Be Honored By THESE Heroes

Last week, anti-Trump zealots stationed outside a rally for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in San Jose, California, pelted a supporter with eggs, and now the company that manufactures the jersey she was wearing at the time of the attack wants to honor her.

Rowdy Republicans wants to get in touch with the woman and give her an award package that includes plenty of swag, as well as airplane tickets for her to fly to a private meeting with two of its brand supporters.

Those two supporters happen to be Benghazi heroes John “Tig” Tiegen and Mark “Oz” Geis, both of whom believe the woman deserves credit for taking a stand.

“We are sorry that no one had your back at that moment but we all have your back now,” a news briefing released by Rowdy Republicans read, according to Breitbart. “Thanks for taking a stand for TEAM USA and TEAM TRUMP.”

Benghazi Heroes 2

“When approached by Rowdy Republicans to help honor this young woman, it was a no-brainer,” Tiegen reportedly added. “We jumped at the opportunity to encourage a fellow patriot whose only crime was to stand up for this country proudly in her Team Trump jersey.”

Good for them, and good also for the woman, identified by Breitbart as San Jose resident Rachel Casey, a woman who did absolutely nothing wrong — unless you count sharing your support for a presidential candidate as some sort of sin.

Tiegen and Geis earned their reputation as heroes after they bravely violated the the Obama administration’s orders to “stand down” during the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.

While Casey’s act of standing up for herself and her country are obviously not equivalent to what Tiegen and Geis did, it still counts for a whole lot and definitely deserves a salute. She too is a hero, even if in different sense.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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