UPDATE: New video emerges of the Brussels Terror Attack

34 Dead ….170 injured so far.

Probably don’t want to watch the video, but Americans can thank one person that protected them last fall by saying NO –when our wholly compromised politicians tried to shame and manipulate us into taking sociopaths into our home. (Hillary & Obama).

26 U.S. Governors said -No- last fall – and that was because one person (Trump) said NO -first- and took the heat. How many Americans would be dead today if we caved to Obama and let him move unvetted Islamists here? They have a high amount of land in the Middle East.

Why are they living in Europe if they want to kill Europeans? Middle East has LOTS of land. These militants will make Israel, US, and European leaders become closer. Weakness and appeasement does not work in the face of Islamic militancy.

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