URGENT: Army Brief Lists Hillary as MAJOR Insider Threat to US Security Because…


The Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has been listed as a potential insider threat by the United States Army. And we should be afraid of Trump? Think again. 

According to The Daily Caller :

A leaked Army operational security brief appears to show Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director David Petraeus listed as two key examples of potential insider threats…

…Admins said the picture came from a service member stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

Clinton is considered an insider threat, according to the slide, because she is “careless” and/or “disgruntled”. Those adjectives are kind considering the numerous times her career has been connected to the development of ISIS. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has considered Clinton one of the “founders” of ISIS–meaning her actions helped contribute to its founding and growth while she was Secretary of State.

What does her history show?

Votes for the authorization for use of military force against Iraq.

Facilitates sale of F-15s to Saudi Arabia. Used to bomb civilians in Yemen.

Destabilizes LIBYA. Brags about killing Muammar Gaddafi.

Arms and equips ‘rebels’ in SYRIA. Weapons flow to jihadists.

Blames Donald Trump for ISIS recruitment.

And, after the DNC leaks and Clinton campaign hacks, her damaging international connections continue to be exposed, and questions increase about her loyalty and integrity.

For example, as a TFPP writer reported, “Saudi Arabia is probably the largest single donor to the Clinton foundation”, and you can see Clinton’s arms export policies when she was a secretary of state favoring extensively Saudi Arabia” or Clinton’s “deep connections” to Russia.

Even the media, who usually protects Hillary Clinton from any disparagement against Trump, regularly calls out Clinton for becoming “tone deaf” about ethics and lacks “transparency, candor, and accountability.”

On a daily basis, Clinton demonstrates why she should not be our next President. The U.S. Army’s operational security report is only confirming what we’ve been seeing all along.

Once the media turns on Clinton and starts reporting objectively on each candidate, we will see just how great of a danger Hillary Rodham Clinton would be if she found her way to the Oval Office next year.

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