US Navy Tells Obama To F**K Off And Allows ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Patches! BOOM That Just Happened!

The US Navy has approved a re-design of their uniforms and is allowing sailors to wear “Don’t Tread on Me” flag patches on some uniforms. This is a middle finger right in Obama’s face who just recently declared that the patch is racist and wearing it could get your prosecuted for a hate crime.

I have got to get me one of those patches. They are so cool and frankly anything that pisses a Marxist off is just my cup of tea.

This was a direct slap at the Tea Party and constitutional conservatives, who are like a cross and garlic waved in front of a vampire, when it comes to Obama and the feds. They are terrified of them and want those sort of sentiments purged from the military. It looks like the Navy is finally sick of being made to wear high heels and salute transgenders. At least their special units are still men and aren’t afraid to take a stand. That patch was meant to originally tell the British to piss off. Now, we have a different enemy… one from within.

From The Federalist Papers Project:

As you’ll recall, Barack Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made waves when it suggested that the Gadsden Flag – the yellow banner with the coiled snake about to strike and the words” Don’t Tread On Me” (DTOM) below – might be racist.

As of October 1, any sailor who is wearing the “NWU Type III” uniform can wear the Gadsden Flag patch. Seals and other special units may also wear the patch, is reporting.

“During garrison and non-tactical exercises or operations, the non-tactical DTOM and Reverse Flag patches may be optionally worn at the discretion of the unit commanding officer and at the expense of the Sailor,” the Navy announced in Navy Administrations Message 174/16. “During tactical deployment exercises and operations, a tactical DTOM and Reverse Flag patch may be worn at the discretion of the unit commander and approval from the Task Force or Joint Task Force Commander.”

Last week the EEOC ruled that an employee who was wearing the Gadsden flag might be engaging in “racial harassment” after a black co-worker complained. That flag has zero to do with racism or slavery and they damned well know it. The only thin connection between the Gadsden flag and racism is that the creator of the flag – Christopher Gadsden – owned slaves. How does that have anything to do with today? The flag was first used during the Revolutionary War aboard ships assembled by the Continental Congress to counter British blockades.

Because of the flag’s significance in the Revolutionary War and its relevance to our Naval vessels, it makes it even more appropriate for our warriors to wear it with pride today.

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