Utah Sheriff Warns BLM: “I Will Deputize Everyone And Arrest all Federal Agents”

The movement against the BLM and Forestry Service western lands takeover continues to build, with the aftermath of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge demonstration and the cold blooded murder of rancher of LaVoy Finicum by federal agents serving as a rallying point for those who believe the federal government has grown too big and powerful, particularly in the western states.

The compliant media has circled the wagons to declare the demonstrators were radical, right wing constitutionalists, as if the U.S. Constitution can be protected and promoted too much.

Somehow those who dismiss the ranchers and their supporters in the western states can’t see that the government, which “owns” over 50 percent of the land in eleven western states, is much more interested in power and control, and much more committed to radical environmentalists than to farmers and ranchers trying to make a living on the land that, like as not, has been a family pursuit and way of life for generations.

To put a finer point on the issue, mere weeks after the Malheur protesters were arrested and the refuge cleared, President Obama declared three more parcels of land in California as federal land, with little or no future access granted to mere citizens of the state. And by parcels, I mean almost 2 million acres that are now set aside as an offering to the Sierra Club and their ilk, with no compensation offered to California for the taking.

Federal government supporters are painting protesters as lawless cowboys, ignoring the fact that the Constitution prohibits the federal government from owning more than a ten square mile plot in Washington D.C., and areas for forts and military installations that require state approval to acquire.

Sheriff Claims He Will Deputize Locals to Fight BLM

It irritates blind followers of the government to see anyone standing up for their rights, and they cannot imagine why people in the western states would object to the government taking over the majority of the land. There is no effort to consult with local authorities, and it is impossible to manage the huge acreage the BLM is responsible for, but it does extend the reach of the feds, and it certainly grows the bureaucracy and places “eyes on the ground” that can watch the peons in the “colonies” of the western states.

Utah Attorney Todd MacFarlane actively supported ranching scofflaws Cliven Bundy, Wayne Hage, Mary Bulloch, and LaVoy Finicum. He now represents the Finicum family and, working with Smith, is engaged in a dangerous game of recruiting ranchers, miners, and other federal “permittees” to sign a pledge document to boycott paying their fees. LaVoy Finicum pitched the same cowboy revolt in November 2015, one that included the provision that when the federal government takes action, ranchers were offered a variety of militant services that would come to protect them during their own future standoff

What is critical mass? An excerpt from “Critical Mass Theory” by Pamela Oliver explains.

“The term ‘critical mass’ originates in nuclear physics, as the smallest amount of fissile material needed to sustain a nuclear chain reaction. As analogy or metaphor the term has diffused into popular culture and social science and is widely used to refer to any context in which things change after a certain number of people get together or enter a setting. … Social movement activists and scholars often use ‘critical mass’ in a loose metaphorical way to refer to an initial group of protesters or actors that is big enough to accomplish social change.”

Eight ranchers came out of the Cedar City Workshop having signed the pledge with two from other states announced the same day in a Malheur press-signing ceremony. On Jan. 24, LaVoy Finicum called these pledges “Emancipation Proclamations” and seemed quite encouraged by the news while indicating that the FBI was becoming more hawkish regarding their occupation.

On Jan. 25, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon said he had met with FBI Director James Comey, stating that the “virus was spreading.” This virus and increased presence very well could have been a result of this long-term strategy of continual untenable rancher standoffs being planned for and executed by Finicum, MacFarlane, Smith, and others.

On Jan. 26, the standoff at Malheur effectively ended, with the arrest of the command and the death of Finicum. A total of 25 people as of the time of this writing have been indicted for their involvement in either or both the 2014 Bunkerville and 2016 Malheur standoffs, and sources say there are current, sealed federal indictments that were filed Jan. 26 in Salt Lake City.

At the Rural Caucus event, Sheriff Marty Gleave of Piute County stated that he told the U.S. Forest Service he would use his deputies to drive cattle for a permittee to their allotment if they didn’t allow the rancher to do so. Additionally, the January Piute County Commission meeting minutes indicate that Gleave threatened USFS officials with arrest if they took action to impound the cattle of an out-of-permit-compliance rancher. Piute is the second smallest county by population in Utah, but is making a lot of noise in the Western Land Movement these days.

Longtime rancher Stanton Gleave is at the center of a conflict that includes the County Sheriff on one side and the U.S. Forest Service on the other.

Gleave wore his cowboy hat and held up a pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution as he spoke with the Rural Caucus of the Utah State legislature on Feb. 12.

“These federal people have no right to be here if you follow (the Constitution),” Gleave said.

The Piute County Sheriff, Marty Gleave, [reportedly Stanton’s nephew] also talked with the Rural Caucus.

“We’re not taking no more cuts on the Mountain. I’ll deputize every man, woman and child in the county to stop what’s going on,” Sheriff Gleave said, referring to Monroe Mountain, where the Forest Service has taken grazing permits from Stanton Gleave and another rancher, Keith Anderton.

The problem becomes clearer when we understand that seventy-four percent of the land in Piute County is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service, and they are throwing the ranchers off in order to plant aspen trees on the mountain. While that may please environmentalists, it enrages those who need to make a living.

Constitutional lawyer Chris Ann Hall has also spoken about the gigantic overreach of the federal government and why the actions of the government are prohibited and need to be stopped. Our forefathers once fought a revolution to free the people from far-away tyranny, and the overreaction of the feds against the inconsequential takeover of a remote wildlife refuge is evidence enough that they recognize people are angry and are not willing to take whatever the government chooses to dish out.

The murder of LaVoy Finicum (and yes, it was a murder, just watch the tape), and the indictment of two dozen on what should be a simple trespassing charge clearly shows that they anticipate more trouble and want to send a message that the government will not allow itself to be challenged. The tough, independent westerners, however, may have a different take on that. Be sure to watch below where Sheriff Gleave advises the Forestry Service of his intentions.

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