VICTORY: GOP Makes HUGE Move to Destroy Anti-Trumpers Once and for All

An Oregon delegate has submitted a rule proposal to the Republican National Convention that would effectively lock in Donald Trump as the GOP nominee and therefore put an end to the “Never Trump” movement.

According to NBC News, the proposal put forth by delegate Solomon Yue stated that the rules utilized during the 2012 convention should be frozen in place. If approved, this rule would prevent “Never Trump” delegates from implementing new rules intended to depose the presumptive nominee. Instead any new rules passed, such as a “conscience clause” that would allow delegates to renege on their voter-mandated pledge to Trump, would be effective for the next convention in 2020.

“This proposal would take politics out of the rule-making process and focus on unity so we could defeat Hillary Clinton in November,” he told MSNBC. “My solution is very, very simple.”

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