VICTORY: Mexico Surrenders to Trump With Massive Move That Proves He Beat Them

Mexico’s leaders have beaten up on Donald Trump throughout this election cycle. They’ve called him crazy and compared him to Adolf Hitler. Their secretary of foreign affairs called Trump “racist and ignorant.”

So, how do they plan to deal with this man who they think is morally repugnant to them? Well, by meeting with him as part of a diplomatic charm offensive, because that’s how you counter… um, huh?

That confusing tidbit of information was somewhat buried in a campaign launched by the Mexican government on Super Tuesday.

As the U.K. newspaper The Guardian reported, Francisco Guzmán, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s chief of staff, said that the country would use consulates throughout the United States to try to convince Americans that stronger ties with Mexico (these stronger ties, I assume, include unlimited illegal immigration and no border wall) are beneficial for them.


My, my, my.

Regardless of how you feel about Trump, this is huge news. Mexico’s position throughout this campaign has been that any candidate who believes the United States has the right to either control who enters or resides in our country legally or to secure our own border from those who choose to enter it illegally is a bigot and an extremist.

They’ve laughed at Donald Trump’s claim that he can get Mexico to pay for the wall and called Trump’s supporters racist.

How has that worked out? Here’s a small sample of reaction from Twitter:

In fact, one user went so far as to envisage the wall.

Now, Mexico is coming around to the fact that this strategy has utterly backfired. They’ve labeled millions of Americans racist for simply believing the law ought to be enforced, and those Americans have decisively spoken. They handed Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz — the two most hawkish candidates on immigration — almost all of the victories on Super Tuesday.

Mexico isn’t laughing any more. They’ve capitulated to The Donald and are now trying to court him. When the tables turn like this, it’s no wonder many believe Trump can get them to pay for that wall.

H/T The Daily Caller

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