VIDEO: Bobby Knight Teaches Arrogant CNN Host Some Manners During Tense Interview

Bobby Knight figuratively backhanded CNN host John Berman over what the former Indiana University basketball coach felt were pointedly aggressive questions about presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump during a Wednesday interview.

From the get-go, Berman hounded Knight over Trump’s “controversial proposals” and “controversial statements,” as well as the billionaire candidate’s streak of “misfired business ventures,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Knight responded by continually reminding the host that despite these hiccups and gaffes, Trump “can handle things far better than anything that we’ve had recently.”

He also made the case that the situation in Benghazi four years ago would have turned out completely differently had Trump been in charge at the time.

“He has a great understanding about the value of our military and how it would be used,” Knight said. “Donald Trump would have made sure that those four people that died in Benghazi … nothing would have happened to them with a Donald Trump administration.”

“I wonder what difference Donald Trump could have made there,” Berman responded in a somewhat condescending and snarky manner, “but I understand you’re making a point there, so I appreciate that.”

“You must be a genius then,” Knight then sarcastically fired back. “That seems the way you’re addressing things.”


Truthfully, the CNN host kind of deserved it. He kept knowingly pestering the visibly frustrated coach over why exactly he supported Trump. Moreover, he almost made it sound as if believing in the prospective nominee were somehow a stupid or uneducated thing to do.

Regardless, Knight never once dropped his line of defense, which was that Trump has a “great approach to life” and loves America, what the biased media thinks of him notwithstanding.

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