VIDEO: Cain Goes Off, Sets “Record Straight” About Biggest Lie About Trump

Of the many insults and ad hominem attacks hurled at billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, the accusation that he is “racist” seems by far the most popular among liberals and the mainstream media.

Trump held a campaign rally Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia, a city that has certainly known it’s share of real racism over the decades.

Joining him at the rally was Georgia native and successful black businessman Herman Cain, an outspoken Trump surrogate who introduced his friend to the boisterous crowd ahead of his speech.

“There’s a lot of lies out there,” Cain stated. “Allow me to set the record straight, about one of the biggest lies out there about Donald Trump, and I hope the liberals and liberal media is listening.”

“Donald Trump is not a racist,” he proclaimed forcefully. “I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I know what a racist looks like when I see one, and Donald Trump is not a racist.”

Herman Cain does indeed know what real racism looks like, as he only has to look back at the manner in which the liberal media treated him when he ran for the GOP nomination in 2012, not to mention the racism he certainly faced as a young black man growing up in Georgia before, during and after the civil rights era.

Would Cain, or Dr. Ben Carson, or any other minority figure, have stepped up to publicly support Trump if he really were a hateful and bigoted racist? Not likely.

Nevertheless, the liberal media will likely persist in smearing Trump as a racist for the remainder of the general election cycle, if not longer. The only response is for Trump-supporting minorities to stand up and be even more vocal in expressing their support.

H/T Politico

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