VIDEO: Code Pink Protesters Disrupt Trump Speech… He Burns Them With EPIC Response

Well, this is an unfortunate blast from the past: Liberal protest group Code Pink is back again, and this time they’re taking on Donald Trump.

Trump, however, wasn’t having it. After being confronted by the protesters during his speech at an evangelical conference in Washington, D.C., Trump calmly scolded them for being “professional agitators” and said he was entitled to his “freedom of speech.”

According to The Hill, the protesters busted in Friday during his appearance at the Faith and Freedom Conference in the nation’s capital.

The women of Code Pink (an organization that was originally organized as an anti-war group, may I remind you) began chanting “refugees are welcome here” and “no hate!”

“A little freedom of speech, please. Freedom of speech. Thank you. Very rude. What, what are you going to do?” Trump said to the protesters.

“Very sad. Very sad what’s happening. What’s happening in our country is so sad. We are so divided,” Trump added. “By the way, they are professional agitators. They are sent here by the other party. Believe me.”

Of course,it’s worth pointing out that Code Pink founder Sheehan made the borderline anti-Semitic statement that her son died in Iraq “to benefit Israel,” so whatever claims to moral superiority that they can make on the issue of “hate” can be easily dismissed. And dismiss them Donald Trump did.

Cindy Sheehan’s small cadre of brainless self-promoters for anti-American “pacifism” haven’t really been relevant since the only mobile phones you could have read this webpage on were made by Blackberry and Palm. However, Trump dealt with them the way that former President George W. Bush should have.

When the only intellectual tool the opposition has is the “heckler’s veto” — the ability to disrupt what someone else is saying under the pretense that nobody should hear it — it’s very easy to point out that what they’re doing is blatantly quashing freedom of speech.

Republicans everywhere should have learned this a long time ago. Let’s hope that they follow Trump’s lead now.

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