VIDEO: DNC Reveals CHILLING Plan For Guns… It’s Happening

The Democrat Party’s slow drift to the left has taken them into waters that nobody involved with the party could have dreamed of just 20 years ago. If you don’t believe that President Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America — his words, not mine — has affected the rest of his party, check out what this DNC member said about guns.

According to Sean Hannity’s website, Bonnie Schaefer is a progressive businesswoman who also happens to be on the DNC Platform Committee. That’s the committee that will decide what the official beliefs of the Democrat Party will be this summer.

Recently, Schaefer was caught on video talking about her beliefs on guns. They may not be yours, and they’re definitely not the opinion of most Americans.

“I do believe that you’re absolutely correct, not just keeping the guns out of the hands of mentally ill people and criminals but I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun,” Schaefer said. “Nothing is ever solved when you have a gun in your hand, except the worst possible scenario.”

Yes, there you go. According to this DNC bigwig, you don’t need your Second Amendment rights. You shouldn’t have a right to defend yourself. You shouldn’t have a gun in the “worst possible scenario” because “nothing is ever solved” by firearms all those other times.

Uh, Bonnie, what exactly do you think the founders wrote the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights for? So that drunk kids could shoot tin cans off of a bridge with a 9 mm?

This is what the modern Democrat Party thinks about your Second Amendment rights: They shouldn’t exist. They’re inconvenient. Our rights are in the way of their agenda.

In spite of absolutely no evidence definitively linking legal gun ownership to violence, she doesn’t think anyone should have guns. And she’s one of the people at the DNC in charge of the Democrat Party’s platform.

#NeverTrump people, consider that when you go into the voting booth this November. Hillary Clinton will not only be a disaster for America, she will be a disaster for all of our rights.

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