VIDEO: Florida Gov. Utterly HUMILIATES Obama On ISIS Fight… “This Is Disgusting!”

Conservatives have been criticizing President Barack Obama for his weak response to the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.

When the president visited a memorial site for the victims of the shooting massacre, he wasted no time politicizing the tragedy by blaming Republicans and scoffing at those who said he should blame radical Islam.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott had an epic response to Obama’s weak approach to defeating the Islamic State group, saying that he was “sick” of the president doing everything but defeating the terrorist organization.

During an interview with Bill Hemmer, host of Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Scott issued a passionate statement in support of not only his state, but an entire country terrified of the prospect of another attack because of weak leadership in the White House.

“Yesterday, the president came and said the fight against ISIS has been relentless. Do you believe that?” Hemmer asked.

The Florida governor pointed to the 49 people who were slaughtered in the nightclub massacre and the others who were injured and have been healing in the hospital as evidence that the fight against radical Islam has not been efficient.

“I’m fed up with this,” Scott said, echoing the sentiments of conservatives and freedom-loving people across the country. “When do we stop and say, ‘Enough’s enough!’ When are we going to absolutely say our number one focus, destroy ISIS! Stop radical Islam!

I mean I do not want this to happen in my state again. This is disgusting. I’m fed up with it. It was an attack on our gay community, our Hispanic community,” the governor added. “This has to stop.”

Hemmer then asked Scott about the president and other liberals’ immediate reach to their gun control argument in the wake of the attack.

“The Second Amendment didn’t kill any of these individuals,” the conservative governor said. “Evil killed them. ISIS killed them. Radical Islam killed them.”

“We’ve had the Second Amendment for over 200 years,” he continued. “We are not doing enough to destroy ISIS. We need a president right now to say, besides building the economy, our number one focus right now is to destroy ISIS! People care about their safety. They’re scared to death.”

Scott said he had talked to many people who were concerned about another attack, since nowhere — not your place of work or your place for entertainment — appears to be safe from radical Islam.

“That’s not how this country should live,” he concluded. “We have the resources. Destroy ISIS.”

Listen to Scott’s comments here:

Wow! We couldn’t agree more, Gov. Scott. This president’s weakness hasn’t just been embarrassing to the United States, but it has put us in danger right here on our own soil.

We MUST elect someone in November who will make it a priority to destroy the Islamic State group, sending a message to radical Islamists everywhere that America won’t back down.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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