VIDEO: Fox News Reporter DESTROYS Obama In Best Moment EVER During WH Press Conference

During a news briefing at the White House on in December of 2015, President Barack Obama’s mouthpiece, press secretary Josh Earnest, doubled down on calls for stricter gun-control laws, despite knowing by then that the FBI had begun to investigate the San Bernardino shooting as an act of terrorism.

This rhetoric from Earnest inspired Fox News reporter Peter Doocy to step up to the plate and ask the question on everybody’s mind.

“The president thinks that if there are potentially two terrorists sitting around planning a mass murder, they may call it off because President Obama has put in place common-sense gun laws?” Doocy asked.

But Earnest, well-trained by Obama at concocting phony narratives, quickly fired back, claiming that all four weapons used by the shooters were obtained legally and that a terrorism motive had not yet been confirmed.

However, the likelihood of the shooting having been motivated by terror seemed very high, given that shooter Tashfeen Malik reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group as she and her husband opened fire at the Inland Regional Center.

Moreover, according to CNN, two of the weapons used by the couple were given to them by someone else, and according to California’s firearms laws, it is “illegal for any person who is not a California licensed firearms dealer (private party) to sell or transfer a firearm to another non-licensed person (private party).”

This means that unless the individual who gave them the weapons was a licensed firearms dealer, the couple obtained them illegally.

Now America find itself in the wake of the worst mast shooting ever in Orlando and Obama and his henchmen haven’t changed their tune at all. It’s never about the radical Islamic motivations. It’s always about destroying the Second Amendment and leveraging the tragedy to advance a gun-control agenda.

Recent revelations prove the White House wasn’t concerned with the death of 49 gays. They were only and always interested in capitalizing on the heartbreaking tragedy to employ their own nefarious ends.

The underlying point in 2015 is the same underlying point now. The Obama administration was as usual focusing on all the wrong things, and that Obama’s proposed “solution” would have done absolutely nothing to stop either attack, as Doocy brilliantly tried to point out to Josh Earnest.

Sadly, Obama does not care, as Earnest’s dubious rebuttal clearly demonstrated.

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