VIDEO: Furious Scott Baio RANTS At Ryan Over Trump Treatment… “CUT THE CRAP”

Hollywood actor Scott Baio, famed for his roles on “Happy Days” and “Charles in Charge,” has come out as a vocal supporter for the candidacy of billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Thus, it was no big surprise that he called out some of the leaders of the GOP, particularly Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, for not offering their full support of Trump, despite his having already wrapped up the nomination, for all intents and purposes.

Baio had the honor of being the “One Lucky Guy” on Fox News’ afternoon program “Outnumbered,” and he used that middle seat on the couch to launch into a rant against Ryan over what he viewed as his wishy-washy statements regarding Trump following their highly anticipated meeting earlier.

“This is why, I am sort of done with the Republican Party,” Baio declared. “I’m fed up with the way they handle every situation. They can’t stop shooting themselves in the foot. Trump is the nominee, period. You get behind him.”

“If this was the Democrats and it was Hillary or Bernie, it’s over. Everybody’s lockstep in with that person,” he continued. “But with the GOP we have to make a big event, we have to make a big stink out of it. You do this stuff behind closed doors. You don’t do this stuff so people can see how un-unified you are.”

“You’re a big shot, Paul Ryan, I get it. You don’t have to go get a big grandstand and try to get Trump to come to you. You gotta go to him. Just cut the crap and get behind the guy,” Baio concluded.

Baio has recently referred to himself as a “former Republican” and has stated that he now identifies as an “independent conservative.”

Unfortunately for the GOP, Baio is not alone in his feelings regarding the party’s treatment of Trump, as millions of Americans have found themselves saying remarkably similar things recently.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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