VIDEO: Gingrich Drops Bombshell About Clintons… “Realize How Little They Care…”

As it becomes more clear by the day that billionaire businessman Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and the candidacy of former secretary of State Hillary Clinton grows weaker, the liberal media has continued to collectively freak out.

This has been evidenced by their repeated protests that Trump has a big problem with women and would be disastrous as president, all the while ignoring Hillary’s own problems with women and the fact that she would be even more disastrous as president.

Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich addressed this quandary for the media during a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” where he laid out the litany of issues that Hillary and former President Bill Clinton must atone for with the American people, should the media ever hold them to account.

“I think the more you look at the Clintons, the more you realize how bad they are for women. You realize how little they care about women. This is a couple who believe in themselves,” stated Gingrich.

“They are a couple who have accepted money from a wide range of dubious sources,” he continued. “They are a couple that was apparently, basically selling access to the State Department, and using the U.S. government to pay off friends and allies.”

“The more we learn about their operation, the more disgusting it is and the more corruption-filled it is,” added Gingrich.

He then proceeded to highlight the dilemma faced by the “deeply liberal, ultra left-wing publication” known as The New York Times, in which they are belatedly realizing that they may very well be faced with a Trump presidency, which is likely a rather distressing thought for them.

Gingrich is absolutely right about how corrupt the Clintons are, and though the American people have glimpsed it and are demanding transparency about it, the liberal media continue to do their best to sweep it all under the rug.

Meanwhile, as they ignore the blatant and obvious concerns regarding the Clintons, they instead focus on digging up even the slightest bit of dirt on Trump with which to smear him, a strategy that has seemingly not worked against the celebrity real estate mogul for the past several months.

If the media wish to regain the trust of the American people and earn back a modicum of credibility, then they would be best served by fully exposing the likely criminal and certainly corrupt practices of the Clintons and allow the chips to fall where they may, even if that doesn’t necessarily suit their liberal sensibilities.

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