VIDEO: Glenn Beck STUNS Interviewer… Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission About Trump

Talk show host Glenn Beck made a rather surprising admission during an interview on CNN that seemed to suggest he may be slowly coming around to accept a Donald Trump presidential nomination, but not without serious reservations.

Once a staunch supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz, Beck told host Alisyn Camerota that he was just as surprised as anyone by Trump’s popularity and the amount of support he has managed to generate.

He also admitted he had been mistaken about Trump.

“I will tell you this. The secret behind Donald Trump, because I have been wrong about Donald Trump every step of the way,” he said. “I just didn’t think people would take him seriously.”

Neither did many others.

Beck said he believed the reason behind Trump’s support was not so much about policy, but more about “destroying the system that has been lying to us on both sides for as long as I’ve lived.”

Beck was certainly right about that. Voters have become fed up with establishment politicians, and conservative voters are especially fed up with Republicans who have done little to hinder President Barack Obama in his apparent mission to destroy America.

Beck, who had once called Trump a “pathological narcissistic sociopath,” stopped short of endorsing the billionaire businessman and said it would be difficult for him to vote for anyone who didn’t share the same principles. He also commented about Trump’s erratic campaign. That’s pretty ironic coming from a man who has rubbed his face in a bowl of Cheetos to prove some nebulous point about The Donald.

Watch the interview below:

Despite Beck’s hesitation, Trump supporters might still be happy to see that he appears to have given up, at least temporarily, on his Trump attacks.

It’s also good to know that maybe, just maybe, he has begun to realize that keeping a Democrat out of the White House is more important to this country than his dislike for Trump.

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