VIDEO: Hard to believe Trump is trailing Cruz in WI with this kind of crowd

Sandi Campbell said: It’s been a rough week with the liberals/rinos and other organizations trying to bring down Trump! I hope he wins Wisconsin!!!!

Robert Cefail said: Emergency Trump Alert: Stay on message everyone. No distractions. The GOP, Cruz, Kasich, Walker and Ryan are trying to steal Trumps Nomination. They are trying to get a landslide win in Wisconsin next Tuesday. All of their efforts are aimed there. Everyone reading this must urge anyone from Wisconsin to go to the polls. If we get 80% turnout from Trump supporters he can win. That would shock everyone. Lets start the “Trump Minuteman Campaign in Wisconsin”. This has to be a grassroots thing. Everyone reading this must participate and share this message. We need you help and ACTION. Don’t get distracted by the noise; that is what they want. Act now! PPP poll out today shows shift back to Trump–virtual tie.

Live at Trump rally

Posted by John Leksander on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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