VIDEO: Here Are 7 Times Hillary Clinton Lied … And Got Caught ON TAPE

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made a career out of being dishonest and misleading the American people.

The mainstream media has refused to hold Clinton accountable for her many, many, many instances of lying, and her political supporters have largely turned a blind eye to the unethical behavior that has defined her career.

Conservatives, however, have not been fooled by the former secretary of state’s blatant dishonesty and corruption, and we have gathered seven of her most ridiculous lies that were caught on tape.

Lie #1: Gay Marriage

In 2002, Clinton was asked during an interview in Albany if New York state should recognize gay marriage. Her answer? “No.”

In 2004, then-Sen. Clinton told her colleagues that she believed marriage was a “sacred bond between man and woman.”

Then, in 2013, Clinton came out “in favor” of gay marriage, and when pressed in an NPR interview in 2014, Clinton claimed that she had “never” changed her position on gay marriage, as she had a “strong record” and a “great commitment” to the issue.

Lie #2: Core Principles

At a CNN presidential debate, moderator Anderson Cooper asked Clinton if she changed her political views based on her audience, something Clinton denied. But, when pressed about whether she was a moderate or a progressive, she emphatically claimed she was a “progressive.”

However, at a campaign rally in Ohio, Clinton told a crowd that she “pleads guilty” to charges that she is a “moderate or center” candidate.

Lie #3: Email Scandal

At a House hearing, Clinton told Rep. Trey Gowdy that “90 to 95 percent” of her emails were in the government system. Gowdy, however, pointed out that Clinton was the only person using that statistic, as the Inspector General actually found that number to be less than 1 percent.

On another occasion, Clinton claimed that she had turned over 60,000 emails to be inspected and that roughly half were “personal” emails. She then explained that she and her husband, Bill Clinton, had exchanged messages via email.

However, she must have forgotten to tell her husband the details of the lie because in an interview with CGI America, Bill said he was rarely “on the Internet” and when he was, he had only sent “two emails” — so, who were the other 29,998 personal emails from?

Lie #4: Wall Street

At a CNN presidential debate, Clinton claimed she had been “tough” on Wall Street, particularly in 2007 when she supposedly stood up to them and told them to “cut it out” with their bad business practices that led to the economic crash.

However, video footage from a 2007 speech showed Clinton doing everything but standing up to Wall Street. She basically claimed that the blame could be attributed to several people — including home buyers themselves.

In the debate, Clinton also claimed that something needed to be done about big banks and investment companies, such as Lehman Brothers. However, she conveniently didn’t mention that Lehman Brothers and several other investment banks had been the top contributors to Clinton over the course of her career.

Lie #5: Universal Healthcare

In 2008, Clinton told then-candidate Barack Obama, “Shame on you,” for attacking her over universal healthcare. “Since when do Democrats attack each other about universal healthcare?” she asked.

Fast forward eight years at a CBS News Democratic presidential debate, Clinton attacked Sen. Bernie Sanders for his proposed healthcare plan.

So, shame on you, Hillary Clinton?

Lie #6: Bosnia

During 2007 and 2008, while campaigning for the Democrat presidential nomination, Clinton said, on several occasions, that when she visited Bosnia in 1996, she arrived under heavy sniper fire — something that did not happen.

She repeatedly claimed that the threat of snipers was so bad that she was advised to “run to her car,” but video footage from her arrival showed Clinton calmly walking off the plane, smiling, greeting people and taking photos. In other words, there was no sniper fire going on, and she certainly was not “running” for her life.

Lie #7: NAFTA

During her husband’s presidency, Clinton played a big role in passing the North American Free Trade Agreement by hosting five strategy meetings for congressional approval of the agreement, helping the White House block opposition by labor and environmental groups, and headlining a pro-NAFTA meeting in 1993.

But, of course, Clinton has remembered things a bit differently in recent months.

On MSNBC, she claimed to have been a “critic of NAFTA from the very beginning.” She has also claimed that she never had a “public position” on the issue, but that she had “documented” concerns about it.

“I have been consistent,” she claimed, obviously hoping that we’re all too stupid to simply look back at what really happened.

Hillary Clinton may be one of the most dishonest, corrupt and immoral politicians we have ever had the misfortune of calling a representative of our country. This liar absolutely cannot be allowed to become the leader of the free world, and it’s up to us to stop her.

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