Video: Judge Jeanine Just Revealed SICK Hidden Reason Hillary Will Never Be Indicted…

Former prosecutor and judge, Jeanine Pirro, the guest at Justice explained to Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends hosts that she presumes the investigation that the FBI runs about Hillary Clinton’s work on a personal server, has basically grown into an over-staged performance.

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Pirro explained that the stage has been set for Clinton not to be indited, largely because of the close involvement of President Barack Obama. Clinton has frequently stated that her use of the email server was common knowledge, including by the president. “Everyone knew about my email situation, everyone in Washington knew,” Pirro said, imitating Clinton. “Translation: Mr. President, this ain’t happening, because you’re my first witness.’”

“The reason she will not be indicted is because her first witness as a defendant in a criminal case is the president of the United States. Why? Because Hillary Clinton emailed President Barack Obama. He knew she had a private email server. So he is complicit. And they will not allow a constitutional crisis where the President of the United States knew about the risking of security of the United States,” Pirro said.

Pirro also pointed out the conflict of interest between Attorney General Lynch and the president’s actions. “She works for someone who has already endorsed Hillary Clinton, and is about to campaign with Hillary Clinton. The president has also said that state secrets were never in jeopardy as a result of Hillary Clinton’s email,” Pirro said.

Pirro, mentioning Lynch’s current proclamations that she’ll “accept” FBI’s inspection confirmation as a mere “charade”, clarified that everything that Lynch is saying is basically the following: “I am going to accept their determination but I decide whether I take it to a grand jury.”

“You got all the crumbs leading to the fact that Hillary Clinton will not be indicted,” finished Pirro.

h/t: Fox News

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