VIDEO: Many Students from 100s of Colleges Across The US, Standing Up For Trump

Tri Rish said: TRUMP 2016!!!!! Look at all that money our country will save, Trump won’t be taking a salary, has his own plane, neither will we the taxpayers be funding his vacations, like the current thieves in the White House. He won’t let the refugees into the US until he can verify their background. Trump has shown that he loves our country, our military, securing our borders and will do what it takes to make it great again, TRUMP 2016!!! He is who America needs.

Todd Pryll said: As they should. They need to realize the gravity of this election and need to know, if we do not get Trump, the NWO will come and guess what! You, I or them are not part of the deal! I am going out tomorrow and buying a box of chalk and I will write everywhere I go. Donald Trump For President!

Renee Wilson said: Those students from across the country are what I consider “normal”, unlike the student(s) of Emory University who were “traumatized” by the mere sight of chalk. How ridiculous is that! So many people from all walks of life (bikers, college students, women) are stepping forward to show their support our next president, Donald J. Trump!!!

James Roberts said: No other candidate has the savvy to fix the jobs problem. No politician will fix, it was politicians that ran off companies. Remember Perot said NAFTA was bad, but politicians said he was crazy,he’s an outside,he doesn’t know foreign policy. Now you have the TPP which is even worse. politicians don’t know good business they know policy. Policy doesn’t put you to work. It always screws over the people. If you want a better chance at a job, you better wake up and vote for a business man who can bring them back. #TRUMP2016

In Response To Campus Lunacy Over Chalk by Emory University Student Terrified By “Trump 2016” #TheChalkening.

Glad to see many students from 100s of colleges across the US, standing up, from almost all 50 states #TheChalkening

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