VIDEO: McCaskill Has No Clue What To Say After She’s Asked This Hillary Question

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo briefly flirted with actual journalism Wednesday morning during an interview with Democrat Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a surrogate of presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Cuomo pressed McCaskill on a number of alleged pay-to-play incidents involving foreign governments, the former secretary of state and her Clinton Global Initiative, part of the broader Clinton Family Foundation.

As Cuomo asked these pertinent questions regarding the veritable slush fund that is the Clinton Foundation, McCaskill provided a preview of what will certainly be the modus operandi for all Hillary surrogates going forward: Dodge, parry, counter. That is, avoid the actual question, flip it toward presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, then attack Trump on an unrelated issue.

Cuomo asked about the Clinton Global Initiative, the glaring annual mistakes on their tax returns, the highly questionable uranium deal with the Russians, and the foreign nations that have donated to the Clinton Foundation, all of which are real concerns.

McCaskill laughably responded, “Well, I think that the Clinton Foundation did a lot of good around the world. Hillary Clinton could have easily said, ‘No, I don’t want to be secretary of state. I want to go make more money.’ At any juncture, she could have made a choice in her life to make money. She made a choice at every juncture to serve the public.”

“Every scar she has came from public service. And I think that’s important to remember,” she continued. “She has fought her entire life for the public good. And to turn a presidential foundation, which all presidents do, into something nefarious I think is just politics.”

Not yet deterred by her avoidance of the issue, Cuomo asked again about the many allegations of shady activity by the Clinton Foundation, such as the money raised for Haiti relief that was never delivered and the incredibly large amount of money the Clinton’s have made since first leaving the White House.

McCaskill dodged again, saying, “I think there will be a lot of examination of Donald Trump’s business practices. I think — “

This time Cuomo cut off her non-answer, interrupting to state, “Senator, what does that have to do with the Clinton Global Initiative? Do you think they’ll have real answers for that?”

But McCaskill would not be swayed into actually answering the question asked of her.

“This campaign is about contrast, Chris,” she said instead. “This is going to be about who do you want in the Oval Office? And if we’re going to examine the foundation — by the way, every former president has had foundations.”

“And has taken donations from foreign governments. This is not unusual. If we’re going to compare that to some of the business practices of Donald Trump, that’s what this campaign is about,” she added.

Cuomo tried once more to get McCaskill to actually answer his queries, even questioning whether her “two wrongs” make it right “analysis” would really be an effective defense against the charges of corruption aimed at Hillary and her foundation.

The Missouri senator dodged yet again, slamming on Trump repeatedly until Cuomo had had enough and brought the interview to an end.

McCaskill refused to answer any of the questions about the alleged corrupt practices of Hillary and the Clinton Family Foundation because there is no acceptable answer for the indefensibly corrupt actions the Clintons have taken over the years.

While it was nice to see CNN’s Chris Cuomo pretend to be a real reporter for a moment, it would have been better if he had really pressed his questions home. It would be wonderful if he kept the act up and continued to ask Clinton’s surrogates real tough questions about actual issues of import, such as the corrupt selling of influence and government largesse by the Clintons.

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