VIDEO – Medical Emergency Stops Obama’s Final Press Conference

You are about to see just how different Obama and Trump are when it comes to welfare of the American people.

During Obama’s most recent press conference, a member of the press got sick and a very stoic Obama paused until help arrived, but it about the way he did it and his complete lack of concern that is rather disturbing…

It is quite apparent this was nothing more than an inconvenience for Obama, as he obviously did not care about the actual welfare of the press member.

And yes, I realize the press is pond scum, but they are still people and they are still Americans.

Regardless of how we feel about them professionally or their integrity, we do not want to see anyone suffer needlessly.

I think back to the numerous times when someone fell ill at Trump’s rallies and he stopped everything cold until he knew the person was taken care of properly.

He even checked on them afterwards to make sure they were okay.

The same thing happened at a Pence rally and he showed the same concern, but not Obama. Where Trump and Pence showed compassion, Obama was cold-hearted and even seemed to try to crack a joke about the welfare of the person.

One thing is clear, Obama could care less about anything American. The people of this country are nothing more than pawns in his play to gain more power and ruin America. And when something like this happens, it is nothing more than an inconvenience for him.

America got it wrong with Obama, twice. But, at least we are about to fix the biggest mistake in our history with one of the best decisions we have ever made for president.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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