VIDEO: Obama Refugees Take Teen Girl, Do Worse to Her Than Even Rape or Murder

A newly discovered video of refugee-committed violence from last summer shows a young Danish woman being attacked by migrants with a bottle as she waited for a taxi.

According to a video from DiarioSur, a regional newspaper in Malaga, Spain, the refugee attack occurred in the Spanish city of Marbella, a city of 140,000 people just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco.

According to the YouTube video description, 15-year-old Danish teen Nicole Zanlith was waiting for a taxi with a friend outside the Olivia Valere discotheque at 7 a.m. She had been there to see French DJ Bob Sinclair.

Apparently, she stepped in to defend her friend from six migrants who had confronted her. That’s when they hit her across the face with a 3-liter vodka bottle. (So much for the “religion of peace” and its prohibition against drinking.)

The young woman lost sight in one eye because of the attack. To make things worse, the attacker has been identified, but he’s apparently a minor and was unable to be apprehended by police. Even if he were apprehended, one would wonder what the punishment would be. After all, one leftist politician was raped by a migrant and then demanded that said migrant not be deported.

This is the massive problem with the migrant crisis that’s overwhelming Europe. Barack Obama tells us that we shouldn’t be afraid. After all, they’re just “widows and orphans,” right?

To paraphrase the inimitable Trey Gowdy, not only are they not just widows and orphans, they’re making more widows and orphans.

This young girl simply wanted to see a DJ spin records at a club, to go to one of her first concerts. Instead, she lost the sight in one of her eyes because these migrants decided to smash a bottle in her face for standing up for her friend.

These sickening displays need to end. It’s time to stand up for Western values like freedom, respect and the law.

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