VIDEO: Remember “Joe The Plumber?” He Just Made a MASSIVE Statement About Trump

Eight years ago, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber,” gained national attention when he asked then-Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama some tough questions about the effect the senator’s proposed small business tax might have on the plumbing business he intended to buy.

Speaking on Fox News this Wednesday, “Joe the Plumber” again captivated America when he explained why he chose to endorse presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“I really like Trump because he says what’s on his mind — kind of like me,” he said. “He doesn’t worry about what the media says. He doesn’t worry about other people think.”

“He speaks his mind, and that’s really tapped into a lot of Americans,” he continued, noting that Americans are tired of “politics as usual.” “Donald Trump is a threat to ‘politics as usual’ … and that’s what scares the politicians this day and age.”

Joe also offered a great idea for how Trump could conceivably sway frustrated supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders into joining his camp.

“The young voters out there are not stupid, but they are impressionable,” he said, adding that they have grown up hearing about Clinton’s endless scandals.

“With Trump, on the other hand, they’ve seen him the last 15 to 20 years” being touted as a winner and successful businessman.

“I think Trump just needs to keep being Trump and talk about how businesses are actually going to come around and bring jobs back,” Joe concluded.

That sounds like a good plan, and it seems to be working. A number of disillusioned Bernie supporters have already vowed to vote for Trump if Clinton becomes the nominee.

If Trump keeps being himself and talking about the positive changes his hopes to bring to the nation, those spiteful potential Democrat voters who just hate Hillary might one day even start actually liking him.

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