VIDEO: Rush Smacks Down Romney, Reminds Him of Sick Thing His Dad Did 50 Years Ago

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s plea for conservatives to vote for anyone but GOP front-runner Donald Trump has faced a mountain of criticism from all sides.

Some of that criticism is coming from conservative powerhouse Rush Limbaugh, who pointed out something interesting about Ronmey’s attack and the curious history behind it. Limbaugh appeared on “Fox News Sunday” this week and told host Chris Wallace that a look into the political past of Mitt Romney’s father George, reveals something strangely similar.

Limbaugh pointed out that in 1964, George Romney and establishment Republicans were opposed to Barry Goldwater, an outsider much like the way Trump is an outsider.

Liberal Republicans “launched a campaign against him, labeling him a crazed extremist,” the conservative talk show host said.

“There is one fascinating similarity and that is in addition to real concerns about some of Donald Trump’s policy positions and his comportment, the Republican elite are terrified of losing control of the party,” Limbaugh continued.

He added that at this point in the election year, no one is going to be able to talk Trump supporters out of voting for Trump.

Except Trump.

Watch the video below. Limbaugh’s discussion of the elder Romney’s actions starts about the 1-minute mark.

Limbaugh went on to say Republican elites are having the problem they’re having because they’re “not conservative. They’re being run by their donors.” They say they’re conservative but, in the end, attack true conservatives.

Limbaugh’s not the only one coming out against Romney’s attack.

Many can see the Republican establishment is using Romney in a way that will ultimately backfire. Trump pointed out why on social media.

Trump is certainly no Goldwater, and Trump faces different opposition based on different issues. However, it’s worth noting that the Republican elite are terrified of losing power and aren’t afraid to let Romney lead the assault.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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