VIDEO: Russia Reveals “Satan 2” Missile… Then Mentions 1 U.S. State as Target

Even though the Cold War is over, the United States and Russia are continuing an arms race of sorts, trying to develop the best ballistic missile possible.

SpaceWar reported that Russia has developed a new missile called the RS-28 Sarma, or “Satan,” that might be capable of penetrating our current missile defense systems.

The missile is designed with multiple warheads, allowing it to destroy a massive area. In fact, when discussing the missile a Russian announcer reportedly stated that the missile could take out a chunk of land the size of “Texas or France.”

This new missile is a truly terrifying development that, if successful, would put the United States at a severe strategic disadvantage in terms of nuclear deterrence.

“In this sense, the Sarmat missile will not only become the R-36M’s successor, but also to some extent it will determine in which direction nuclear deterrence in the world will develop,” Russian news network Zvezda reportedly said.

This new missile will reportedly have a range of over 6,000 miles, meaning it could be used to strike Europe or America with devastating consequences.

Russia is planning to start replacing its current missiles with this new Satan missile in 2018, with the goal of complete replacement by 2020.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama continues to have delusions of a nuclear-free world and a Russia that actually wants to cooperate with America.

Our next president absolutely needs to bolster our nuclear capabilities to take on Russia. We can’t afford to have a president who will continue to let our nuclear forces degrade. There is simply too much at stake.

H/T U.K. Daily Mirror

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