VIDEO: Sheriff Clarke Absolutely BURNS Obama On Racist Commencement Speech

President Barack Obama recently delivered the commencement address at the graduation ceremony of historically black Howard University, where as has come to be expected, he made a number of eyebrow-raising statements.

One particular comment seemed eerily reminiscent to his 2012 remark about “You didn’t build that,” with Obama stating that one of his biggest “pet peeves” is those “people who have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky.”

The controversial comments from Obama were addressed Monday on Fox News‘ “Hannity,” during which Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, an outspoken Obama critic, remarked that Obama should know a lot about relying on luck, being a community organizer who somehow ended up in the White House.

“He doesn’t believe in human potential,” declared Clarke. “He doesn’t believe in a person’s ability to work hard, persevere, overcome obstacles and go on to reach greatness.”

Clarke proceeded to state the obvious — that not every person enjoys equal talents and abilities. Furthermore, an individual’s success depends more on how hard they work with what they’ve got than simply what they’ve got in the first place.

He went on to share how hard he had worked to succeed at the Naval Postgraduate Academy, and how he would have felt “insulted” if he had been told by his commencement speaker that his hard-earned success merely came about because he was “lucky.”

“It’s just the wrong message to give young minds coming out of college,” Clarke stated. “Don’t blame racism, don’t blame the world for not being fair. It should have been that kind of message. That’s what young people need to hear.”

“Of course, he never misses an opportunity to play the race card,” added Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke is absolutely right that it takes hard work and determination, not dumb luck, to become successful in life.

Of course, while luck and opportunity can certainly play a role in the success of some individuals, it is by no means the deciding factor or a necessity for success.

In Obama’s world, however, nobody can do anything on their own; everyone owes any success they may realize to pure dumb luck and the ubiquitous helping hand of government in all things.

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