VIDEO: Sheriff Clarke Utterly Destroys Michelle Obama for Racist Commencement Speech

Responding to first lady Michelle Obama’s commencement speech last week in which she spoke of living in a “house built by slaves,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke bluntly stated why the speech in reality represented a huge positive for America.

“She said, ‘Thank you for allowing me to share this final commencement speech with you,’” he said while speaking on Fox News this Sunday. “That means no other college graduating class will have to hear this racial and divisive demagoguery from their first lady of the United States.”

“Maybe she’ll get invited after she leaves (the White House),” Sheriff Clarke continued. “But the sooner we get to Jan. 20, 2017, the better off this country will be.”


Every time that either Michelle or her husband, President Barack Obama, have delivered a commencement address, they have always resorted to peddling racial politics and portraying themselves and black people in general as aggrieved victims of a racist country, Clark said.

“They walk around with this chip on their shoulder for no reason,” Clarke explained. “They promote strife and division — racial demagoguery.”

He added that it seems as if “it pains them to know when they go to sleep at night, they’re sleeping in the White House.”

“Because I noticed that she referred to the White House yesterday not as the White House but as the ‘house that slaves built,” he said.

Appreciating history is fine, but these constant attempts to misuse history to teach young blacks to perceive themselves as victims have hurt America in ways that may take decades to heal.

Instead of trying to genuinely better themselves, too many young Americans of all sorts of different races have come to believe that they bear no blame for their own failures and tribulations — that the blame rests on society’s shoulder, and likewise, the solution lies in the government’s hands.

Except none of this is true. We live in the 21st century, a golden age of sorts for America where every man and woman has an equal opportunity to succeed. Never forget that, despite what Barack and Michelle tell you or anyone else.

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