VIDEO: Shocking Footage Shows Orlando Muslims Doing Terrifying Thing Before Massacre

Two years before a Muslim terrorist slaughtered 50 people at a nightclub in Orlando,  some Muslims took to the streets of the same city to openly profess their support for one of the deadliest Islamic terrorist groups of all.

“Because they’re freedom fighters,” one of the supporters was seen on camera saying about why he supported Hezbollah.

“Hezbollah to us is a freedom fighter,” he continued. “To you, they are terrorists.”

He likely meant “Americans” when he said “you,” but in reality, the Arab League, France, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and Israel have all classified Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.



Why, though, do so many perceive Hezbollah in such a negative light? Because it it rejects Israel’s legitimacy and has a sordid history of committing deadly terrorist attacks.

Yet the Muslims featured in the video, some of whom felt no qualms about waving a Hezbollah flag, supported the terrorist outfit. Moreover, included among those Muslims was Rasha Mubarak, the regional coordinator for the Council on America-Islamic Relations’ branch in Florida.

Writing for his blog, retired Col. Allen West, a former congressman, opined at the time that he supported free speech, but “When the flags of a designated terrorist group are flying in my country, in the state I call home — we have a problem.”

The even bigger problem is that those same Muslims who were seen waving the Hezbollah flag likely also perceive night club killer Omar Mateen in the same light.

To radicals like these, the murder of countless innocents counts as an act of “freedom fighting.” Note that Hezbollah’s flag includes the image of a weapon quite similar to the one used by Mateen.

Not all Muslims are terrorist sympathizers and supporters, of course. But the fact that so many are makes it clear why “vigilance and toughness” are needed now more than ever before.

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