VIDEO: Stunning Thing Happens When ‘Trump Supporter’ Encounters Pack Of Bernie Supporters

The moral of the Joey Salads video on YouTube is clear — if you want to be ignored, wave a “Sanders” sign, but if you want a real reaction, wave one saying “Trump.”

In what he billed as a “social experiment,” Salads, whose videos on YouTube have made him popular, walked about North Hollywood, Calif., with two different signs — one for Republican presidential front-runner Donald trump and one for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

When Salads held the sign for Sanders, he got little to no reaction. With Trump, the reaction was almost too hostile to handle.

One man with a skateboard told Salads, “It’s people like you that are the problem in this country,” before saying he would vote for Sanders.

“He is racist, man….everything that comes out of his mouth,” the man continued, claiming that by opposing illegal immigration, Trump was racist.

“I’m offended by it, to tell you the truth,” the man added before dropping his skateboard, shoving Salads and uttering profanities while trying to wrestle the sign away.

The language from Trump’s opponents was less than original and often profane.

“Racist, fascist pig,” snarled one woman. Later, a black man knocked the sign to the ground amid profanities and accusations of racism.

At one point, a gaggle of Sanders supporters met Salads, and again called him racist. A driver extended a middle finger to Salads. However, when Salads was holding the sign for Sanders, there was no hostility.

“By the looks of this video, it turns out that the Bernie supporters are actually more aggressive than the Trump supporters,” Salads said.

“I actually got assaulted, got a water bottle thrown at me, got cursed at, got flipped off plenty of times. When I became a Bernie supporter, it was nothing but love and thumbs up. The Trump supporters never said anything to me,” he said.

h/t: YouTube

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