VIDEO: Trump Defends Guns And Calls Orlando Shooter “SOB” At Rally… Crowd Goes BALLISTIC

After Sunday morning’s terror attack on Orlando, Donald Trump immediately began calling for increased measures to defeat Islamic terrorism, as well as saying that America’s impingement on the Second Amendment allowed the massacre to happen.

Liberals immediately began condemning his remarks, but Republicans across America loved what he said, as was evidenced at a Friday rally in Houston, Texas, where the crowd went wild when Trump ripped into the terrorist.

“If we had people where the bullets were going in the opposite direction, right smack between the eyes of this maniac — ” Trump began. He wasn’t able to finish his sentence because the crowd erupted into cheers.

These Americans believed that people should have the ability to defend themselves, unlike our president who seems to think that all gun-owning Americans are criminals.

“If some of those wonderful people had guns strapped … to their waist or to their ankle, and this son of a b**** comes out and starts shooting,” Trump said as once again the crowd went absolutely wild.

“And one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes ‘boom boom’ you know what? That would have a beautiful, beautiful sight folks,” he said to more thunderous cheers.

You can watch his comments for yourself here:

The American people are sick and tired of hearing politicians take advantage of situations to make themselves look good or push their agendas. This is one reason why Trump has been so well received. He isn’t afraid to go on stage, call a terrorist an SOB and say Americans should be able to shoot back.

Trump may have his rough moments along the campaign trail, but he always speaks his mind and he always does what he thinks is best for America.

You would be hard pressed to find a Republican who would disagree with these remarks by Trump. No one sane wants to shoot anyone else, but we all want to be able to defend our families from terrorists, and Trump sounds determined to make that happen.

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