VIDEO: Trump Protester Makes Outrageous Anti-American Excuse To Be Violent… This Is Sick

A bombshell was dropped in a “Hannity” conversation between Fox News correspondent Jonathan Hunt and a Donald Trump protester. The young rabble-rouser admitted to Hunt that he resided in the United States illegally and had “no reason” to follow the U.S. immigration regulations — which Trump has promised to clamp down on.

“I come from an immigrant family, and it pisses me off to hear somebody say stuff like that,” the protester said about Trump. “You know, because it hits home.”

“Your family, I assume, immigrated legally here?” Hunt asked.

“Yeah, my family immigrated illegally,” the protester responded. “And my family is a good working people … They came here so I could have a good future, and I got accepted to college and stuff like that.”

Then Hunt asked, “Do you think that people should respect the laws of the United States and the sovereignty of the United States?”

He stated that “I think people should — if we are being oppressed, we shouldn’t respect the laws, because then there’s no reason to respect the laws … That’s the resistance.”

Essentially, it’s OK to break the law if you don’t like what someone is saying. Great.

You can watch the exchange here, beginning at about the 37-minute mark:

The idea that you can sneak into the U.S. illegally, be held accountable by the rhetoric of a presidential candidate and consider yourself oppressed is beyond brainless.

Seemingly out of nowhere, thousands of people are waving Mexican flags furiously and chanting “Make America Mexico Again.” People flee the real oppression of Mexico, only to attempt to make the adjoining country like Mexico.

This level of stupidity shouldn’t be tolerated by those on the left or right. Individuals who genuinely want to make a better life for themselves in America can and should come legally through our gates — those that steal, kill and destroy come illegally.

H/T The Daily Caller

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