VIDEO: Trump Sees Woman In Crowd Having Medical Issue… Takes Immediate Action

Donald Trump was in the middle of a speech in California on Friday afternoon when he noticed something that many in the crowd didn’t — a woman having a medical issue. He ended up stopping the speech to make sure the woman got medical attention in an incident little reported by the press.

While Redding, California, is in the northern part of the Golden State, that doesn’t mean that it was cool. In fact, it was reportedly 105 degrees when Trump took the stage at Redding Municipal Airport to give a speech.

The crowd had been standing near the tarmac of the airport for over five hours to see their choice for president — and needless to say, it created a lot of sweating and dehydration.

In the middle of Trump’s speech, the heat finally took its toll on one of the crowd. It happened while Trump was in the middle of blasting the liberal media.

“No matter what we do — you know, it’s funny, The New York Times puts me on … what?” Trump said, realizing someone had taken ill.

“Get a medic, please,” he said, pointing out into the audience. “Medic. Okay? You just take it easy, girl. Take it easy. It’s hot out here, right?” he said to the audience, again pointing medics to where the woman was.

“We love you, ma’am. We love you,” he said as the medics worked their way over to the woman. Trump then stopped talking until medics could reach the woman, although he gave the crowd a thumbs-up sign while they cheered him.

As she was helped by medics, Trump said, “Give her a hand, everybody. Give her a hand.”

The woman apparently recovered, thanks to some quick thinking by both Donald Trump and some quick acting by the medics to ensure she received proper attention. Of course, the media refused to report it, but que sera sera.

The speech was part of Trump’s sweep through the Golden State before Tuesday’s primary. While Trump is already the presumptive nominee, he has stated that he thinks he can win California in November. And with actions like this, he may well be right.

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