VIDEO: U.S. Army Rangers Release Chill-Inducing Memorial Day Tribute Music Video

When you think about where country music comes from, you probably think of the bright lights of Nashville or the dusty backroads of Alabama. However, for two U.S. Army Rangers, their country hit came straight out of Afghanistan.

Now, First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright — perhaps better known as the singing duo “Interstate 10” — are becoming stars, thanks to a viral Memorial Day song called “I’m Gonna Miss You.”

According to ABC News, the song took on extra meaning when Yacovone lost members of his unit during a 2013 deployment in Afghanistan when he was first writing the song.

The pair met during the first day of infantry basic training for officers back in 2014.

“I called out to the crowd and asked if anyone played guitar,” Yacavone recalled. “Lo and behold, Justin was standing right next to me and he was like, ‘Heck yeah, I play guitar!’”

The two jammed all night, and the rest was history. Their first single, “Hometown Hero,” was recorded in Afghanistan and released as part of a studio EP.

“I’m Gonna Miss You” was harder to record, as the two were stationed at bases 40 miles apart during their second deployment to Afghanistan. However, the soliders o were determined to finish it.

“We’re like, ‘Dang it, we aren’t going to be together for this deployment,’” Yacavone said. “But we have Skype and ways to connect.” They even managed to shoot some of the video there.

“If you could see what was behind the camera, it was interesting,” Yacovone said. “Taped things over here, headlamps sitting around bunkers to light the scene using our flashlights. Just to make it all right.”

“Most of our music is written on deployment,” Wright said. “You think of the restaurant where you want to eat at, and you think of where you’ll take a girlfriend on a date — what beaches you will go to, which mountain you are going to climb. You think of all these clear pictures of a dream life that most people don’t live, but you know you’re going to because you can do anything after you’ve been to Afghanistan for nine months.”

Something to remember as we all commemorate this Memorial Day.

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