VIDEO: Uncovered 1988 Interview Proves Trump Has NOT Changed

Liberals love to accuse Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of waffling on his ideas. They jump on every opportunity to lambaste the real estate mogul for changing his mind, but the truth about the ideas he’s expressed over the years might surprise even them.

A video from 1988 shows how Trump’s opinions have not changed — and how he is literally saying the same things he said decades ago.

In the interview with David Letterman on “The Late Show” almost 30 years ago, Trump discussed how other countries have taken advantage of America and how we need to toughen our stance on trade deals. Trump’s ideas indicate he had an interest in politics back then, and they seem to support the same proposals he has now.

Watch the interview with Letterman below.


In 1987, Trump also told talk show host Larry King he was tired of seeing other countries rip off the United States. He said America is a great nation, and the fact that other countries laugh at us behind our back is ridiculous considering how much we do for them.

He also said the country’s greatness can’t last much longer if we continue to lose billions of dollars we can’t afford supporting other countries.

Watch the interview with King below.


As a businessman, it appears that Trump has always held certain American ideals at heart.

Many anti-Trump critics have accused the candidate of waffling on issues.

They can post their opinions on social media all day long, but evidence suggests Trump has always believed in an America that is great.

Democrats work diligently to find something to discredit Trump, but their efforts backfire when videos like these emerge and show Trump saying practically the same thing he said almost 30 years ago.

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