VIDEO: Watch What Happens When Libs Get Hold of Trump-Supporting Black Pastor

Plenty of Donald Trump supporters have seen the ugly side of liberals. Liberals get particularly hateful when their hypocrisy is exposed, and they especially don’t like it when and a black pastor does it.

Paster Darrell Scott‘s situation was no exception. The avid Trump supporter appeared on a panel with others Sunday on CNN where he discussed blacks and racism.

“Black people play the race card more than any other race and we actually, probably are more racist than any other race because we blame the white man all the time for all of our inequities in life — we’re still trying to be stuck on slavery — and we think we have a right to be racist and to express ourselves racially,” he said.

It didn’t take long for the sanctimonious left to attack Scott for his remarks, and liberal columnist Charles Blow was quick to take issue with Scott:

Others called Scott names and behaved like children on a playground than adults having a conversation about a serious issue in America.

Scott had a point. Many black people do play the race card and expect that they can use slavery as an excuse to be angry or racist.

If a group of white people harassed black people and yelled derogatory words at them, no one would argue that they were being racist. Yet when a group of Black Lives Matter people do the same thing, it’s excused and even defended by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

The people crying racism today are not victims of racism — they are perpetrators of it, and most thinking people understand this.

However, for someone — especially a black person — to point it is out is simply too much for the left to handle, as shown by how many responded to Scott.

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